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B Sides and Rarities

by Jen Cloher

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Rob Heller
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Rob Heller Every song takes me somewhere or raises a feeling, reminds of a face, relives a tear, reminds me of beauty. Save me from what I want...
Tea T
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Tea T Horses on Sunday 18 October 2015 at 8:00 PM at Melbourne Town Hall.
Jen's amazing performance. Favorite track: Land.
Oynque thumbnail
Oynque They seem like A sides to me! Favorite track: Call If You Need Me (with Kieran Ryan).
Alan Melvin
Alan Melvin thumbnail
Alan Melvin love it!!!! love it!!!
cannot wait to explore the previous records.
steveinsocal thumbnail
steveinsocal "...The nine minute opus that is "Land" reminds me of Patti Smith at her finest and it's hard not to conclude that if Jen Cloher were born in the US, we'd be hailing one of the finest inspirational artists of our generation..."
Favorite track: Land.
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Every morning I wake alone Naked and dumb I present myself to you Nothing to fear One day I’m gonna die And all that I did Will be witnessed In a sparrows eye. I’ll never know just why If I don’t sing I sigh Baby we were born to die Deers are barking In the middle of the night Echo through the woods They sound like spirits Leaving their bodies Before they fly Watching the one Who gave you breath Take their last Who held your little life Like a precious stone In their grasp. I’ll never know just why If I don’t sing I sigh Baby we were born to die Birds wake up singing How good is that? Every blade of grass Gets on with growing While people in the city Grow lawns for mowing All watched over by machines Of loving grace When all is told Will we have even left a trace? I’ll never know just why If I don’t sing I sigh Just have to be don’t try Cos’ Baby we were born to die.
Come over to the window now There's something you must see There's seven snow white horses From some paddock broken free They're standing in the yard tonight Like unmoored, drifting boats So let's go out into the air And see them from up close I will go outside with you But that's far as I will go It's all become as clear as white And both of us should know For too long you have built your fence Of wire around my life You're not my husband anymore I am not your wife I never meant you any harm And you meant none to me But something’s come upon us From our long vast history You’ve had a life apart from ours You’re deception has run wild And I was cruel and secretive As thoughtless as a child. I wish I was a wild horse And was not what I am I think maybe you feel the same Is that how this all began Everyone wants to be free Of others and themselves But freedom gained is just to be A slave to something else
You might have some years on Me but that don’t mean anything You might have some years on Me but that don’t mean anything To me You might have some fears of Rejection and all that but at The end of the day it’s A fact that we are not getting Any younger here I think that’s why I liked You from the first day I met you I saw myself in you A narcissistic egocentric freak Just like me I know they’re just numbers But numbers stand for routes of buses I know they’re just numbers But numbers stand for wins and losses I know they’re just numbers Mama said they’re not important I know they’re just numbers But numbers start the song for drummers 1234 You might have some years on Me but that don’t mean anything You might have some years on Me but that don’t mean anything.
You say, you say you know The day Armageddon’s gonna blow You light a fag suck it in A post-apocalyptic grin You say, you say “Everything dies baby that’s a fact” But with the, state of the world You hope you’re never coming back This life, this life is brutal The times, small and feudal Homesick Chinese teens Making iPhones Dreaming suicide dreams My stoned, My Stone Age Brain A slave to my machines Now I, I can’t see, I can’t see The cosmic woods for the trees! I don’t know why I’m breaking down. I used, I used to drink But drinking it just made me cheap And all, all that other shit just made me grind my teeth I used to love the rainbow I used to love the view I still love Leonard Cohen But I caught the darkness too.
Summer had burned long and hard Fields had turned to dust It had been so long since I had even touched someone. I waited oh I waited long My body could not lie Felt a storm come rising up inside. I don’t know too much for true But this I know for sure If I cannot have a thing I want it even more You asked me if I was ok By then it was too late You were everything that I Had longed to feel again. We were made for ecstasy We were made for pain We were made to risk our love And find our way again. Save me from this mortal coil Save me from myself Deliver me from all the fears That drive me to this hell. Save Me From What I Want.
Everywhere you go I’m right beside you There’s no-one who knows you the way I do Yeah I know you hate nearly everything you make You feel like a fraud, a phony and a fake. You took a trip out into the outback If you could get out far enough you thought that you would be free of The endless sushi train of thoughts that plague your brain The thoughts are all the same Needle in the Hay. I don’t need no introduction I’ve been here since the beginning I’m you’re thinking, always scheming, dreaming of escape Eternal multi-ball inside a game you never played. Here’s a notion Drink this potion Make me go away Grass is greener Life is sweeter Everyone is gay There’s nowhere to go or to get to anyway There’s nowhere to go or to get to anyway. Needle in the Hay.
Land 09:28


This is a collection of songs that have appeared on various EPs and Singles over the years. I thought I'd put them all in one place for you. Pay whatever you can afford.


released March 25, 2018


all rights reserved



Jen Cloher Melbourne, Australia

Jen Cloher is a highly respected recording and performing artist and co-founder of Milk! Records.

She has released four albums, her most recent (self titled) was shortlisted for the Australian Music Prize and debuted at number 5 on the ARIA charts.

In 2017 she was crowned Double J's 'Artist of the Year' and won the AIR Award for 'Best Independent Artist'.
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